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GlobalAir Virtual - Infinite Flight Live Rules Empty GlobalAir Virtual - Infinite Flight Live Rules

Post by GBL001 on Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:02 am

Due to the upcoming release of Infinite Flight Live, GlobalAir Virtual has released rules for our pilots flying online. Smile

1. Conduct While Flying

All GlobalAir pilots must act courteous to others while flying. Use ATC to announce your intentions, keep a reasonable separation from other aircraft (Unless flying in an event or pre-planned formation), and remain out of restricted airspace for your standing.

2. Callsigns

We allow you to use whatever callsign you would like! Smile Also, if you would like, using your GlobalAir callsign is preferred, and would be entered into the IF Live callsign box like this:

GlobalAir Flight XXX (With XXX being your pilot number)

3. Flight Logging

Flights will be logged as normal, only add "Flown on IF Live" to your log post.

4. Events

GlobalAir will be hosting pre-planned flying events on Infinite Flight Live in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Any pilot found violating these rules is subject to remove from the airline.

If you have any questions about flying on Infinite Flight live, GlobalAir will soon be releasing a training program, or for now ask a staff member. Smile We look forward to seeing you flying with us!

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