What is GlobalAir Virtual?

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What is GlobalAir Virtual? Empty What is GlobalAir Virtual?

Post by GBL001 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:08 pm

GlobalAir Virtual was started by Infinite Flight* Enthusiasts just like you. We aren't like the other VA's - We don't make you fly to a certain airport in a certain plane. At GlobalAir, our motto is fly Wherever, whenever, in whichever plane you want.  Smile You can fly from KSFO-KLAX in a 737, KFRG-KISP in a C172, or EGLL-EGCC in a F-22, whatever you want! We have a new and unique charter center with many exciting flights being added everyday. Our airline is rapidly expanding - we will be adding many new and exciting things in the near future. We hope to see you flying soon!

What is GlobalAir Virtual? Photo%20Aug%2011%2C%203%2013%2048%20PM

Have fun, and thank you for choosing GlobalAir Virtual!  Smile 


*We are in no way related to Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studio. We are just a group of enthusiasts who enjoy flying!

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