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New Features

Post by GBL036 on Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:04 pm

Hi all;

My name is Danny, and I am the new Flight Report Manager.  As the FRM my duties will be to verify the information on the flight reports and approve them.  

One of the new features you will notice is the color of the topics.  The colors are simple: RED indicates the flight report contains errors, which a moderator has requested more information, or correction, of the report.  The red marked topics will remain red until corrected, and if not corrected, will be deleted after one week from the request to correct the report date.

The second color is orange;  this color will be applied to reports that have recently been addressed by a moderator.  This means you have three days to correct or answer the error to the moderator that requested it, or it will be turned red and deleted after a week.

Flight reports deleted will not count towards your ranking.

You can however report the flight again, but it must be correct on the first try, or it will be deleted again.   NO THIRD ATTEMPT will be accepted.

Please PM or Email me if you have any quesitons.


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