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Post by GBL001 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:05 pm

GlobalAir Virtual Operations Manual - Version 1

Notice: We are in no way related to Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studio. We are just a group of enthusiasts who enjoy flying with Infinite Flight!

Founder/CEO/Operations Director - GBL001
VP/Lead Administrator/Forum Moderator - GBL002
Public Relations Officer - VACENT

Section 1: Membership

In order to become a member of GlobalAir Virtual, you will need:

To read and agree with the GlobalAir Virtual Rules, found here:
Infinite Flight by Flying Development Studio, available here:

Apple devices:
Android Devices:
Amazon Devices:

Be able to fly at least 1 flight over 0.2 hours per month
A valid email address

While applying, use any username you want, but please note it will be changed to a GBLXXX call sign.

Upon applying, the Moderation Staff will review your account and send you a welcome email (Via the forum system) with your new username (GBLXXX) WHICH YOU WILL NEED TO LOG IN TO THE SITE, along with the password you chose at registration!

Welcome to GlobalAir Virtual!  Smile 

Section 2: Flights!

In order to log a flight, you will need to have a way to host images. (,, ETC) and the flight must be over 0.1 hours. Anything goes! Aerobatics, touch and goes, you name it!

Next, to log a flight, take a picture of your logbook in Infinite Flight, found here:

GlobalAir Virtual Operations Manual Photo%20Aug%2012%2C%209%2048%2045%20AM

Next, post your flight in the "Flight Reports" topic. Insert the pic of your logbook from you hosting service, and give a description of you flight like this:

Airport from-Airport to (Example: KLAX-KVNY), the flight time (Example 0.5 hours), and the Aircraft used (Example: Cessna C208 Caravan)

Here is a full example:
(pic of logbook)
KLAX-KVNY, 0.5 hours, Cessna C208 Caravan.
Optional: Notes about the flight (Weather, ETC)

And that's it!  Smile Please note that you may get a question about a report from a Moderator if something needs to be added.  Smile 

Here is the full list of aircraft you can fly with us:

Airbus A321
Airbus A330-200F
Airbus A330-300
Airbus A340-600
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 717-200
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-700BBJ
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-200F
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-900
Boeing C-17 Globemaster
Bombardier CRJ-200
Cessna 172
Cessna 208
Cirrus SR22 GTS
Embraer E170/175/190/195
F/A 18 Hornet
Spitfire Mk VIII
Super Decathlon

Please note you must submit at least 1 flight report in a calender month to stay active with GlobalAir Virtual.

Section 3: Infinite FLight Live flying

Due to the upcoming release of Infinite Flight Live, GlobalAir Virtual has released rules for our pilots flying online. Smile

1. Conduct While Flying

All GlobalAir pilots must act courteous to others while flying. Use ATC to announce your intentions, keep a reasonable separation from other aircraft (Unless flying in an event or pre-planned formation), and remain out of restricted airspace for your standing.

2. Callsigns

We allow you to use whatever callsign you would like! Smile Also, if you would like, using your GlobalAir callsign is preferred, and would be entered into the IF Live callsign box like this:

GlobalAir Flight XXX (With XXX being your pilot number)

3. Flight Logging

Flights will be logged as normal, only add "Flown on IF Live" to your log post.

4. Events

GlobalAir will be hosting pre-planned flying events on Infinite Flight Live in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Any pilot found violating these rules is subject to remove from the airline.

If you have any questions about flying on Infinite Flight live, GlobalAir will soon be releasing a training program, or for now ask a staff member. Smile We look forward to seeing you flying with us!

Section 4: Ranks

Pilots can advance in Rank by submitting flight reports in this order:

New Hire: 0 Hours
Trainee: 2 Hours
First Officer: 5 Hours
Captain: 10 Hours
Senior Captain: 50 Hours

Please note that the staff has the right to give someone a rank early or hold a rank and their discretion.

Section 4: Forum Use

The forum is the center of operations for GlobalAir Virtual. We will post announcements, new programs, contests, and more. The forum is also where you will submit flight reports. There will also be a place for you to post screenshots. We will also have lots of group flights once Infinite Flight multiplayer comes out.  Smile 

Be sure to check the forums often!

Section 5: Contact

If you have any other questions not answered on the forum, don't hesitate to send any of the moderators a PM or via the contact forum.  Smile 

Section 6: Legal

We are in no way related to Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studio.

All GlobalAir Virtual logos Copyright 2014 GlobalAir Virtual.

We have the right to change anything on this site without notice. We will try our best to keep our pilots informed.

Have fun, and thank you for choosing GlobalAir Virtual!  Smile  See you in the sky!

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