How to submit flight reports

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How to submit flight reports

Post by GBL001 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:29 pm

How to submit flight reports

In order to log a flight, you will need to have a way to host images. (,, ETC) and the flight must be over 0.1 hours. Anything goes! Aerobatics, touch and goes, you name it!

To log a flight, take a picture of your logbook in Infinite Flight, found here:

Next, post a new topic in the "Flight Reports" category. Name the topic with your Pilot ID and Airport from-Airport to (Example: GBL001 KMDW-KCGX), . Insert the pic of your logbook from you hosting service, and give a description of you flight like this:

Airport from-Airport to (Example: KMDW-KCGX), the flight time (Example 0.5 hours), and the Aircraft used (Example: Cirrus SR22)

Here is a full example:

KMDW-KCGX, 0.2 hours, Cirrus SR22.
Optional: Notes about the flight (Weather, ETC)

And that's it! Please note that you may get a question about a report from a Moderator if something needs to be added.

Posts marked red have an error that was addressed by a moderator and has not been corrected. These flights will be deleted after a week from the date of being marked red.

Posts marked in orange have an error that has recently been addressed by a moderator and needs attention. These posts have three days to correct the errors before being marked red.

Upon approval of your flight report, you will get a note from a moderator, your flight will be added to the log book, and your post will be moved to the approved flight reports section.  Smile

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